Ring the Web!

How do You think about calling a website from a local place?


physical to virtual communication, real-to-virtual gate, Reality of Codes (RoC)


Virtual space is a delocalized interpretation of reality. While we're full of IoT (internet-controlled real) objects, I'm missing the Really Controllable Virtual Entities, or: Reality of Codes. Therefore came Ring the Web project real. This is a place for testing physical existing web objects ('bells') placed somewhere in the world. They can interact with this or with any other websites. In this case, the test object changes the style of this page while give a sound as well.


Videodok from the Ringbell placed at Makker, Pécs

A different realization with bigger pushbutton and RPi Zero

currently installed RingTheBells:


call for participation!

RingTheWeb is calling You to use it on Your websites. Place a physical object somewhere, and let the users interact with it by affecting your website's work. On the back-end, it's a client side javascript code including access to a node.js server through socket.io. Currently it's non-SSL only.

how to make it?

I'm sure that nobody is interested in a website controller real object! But in the world of constant changes and static lies, why not give a try to this? so if You decide to realize (or to be stylish: virtualize) it, just follow this Intructable! If it works, please let me know to include in this site.


email: devnull@makker.hu